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(R)?ex 1.4.0 发布, 包含大量更新. 详情 发布文档.
(R)?ex 1.3.3 released, fixing a bunch of bugs. See the release notes for more details.
adjust GmbH is sponsoring the (R)?ex project with a new build server. Thank you for your support!
(R)?ex 1.3.2 released, fixing issues related to file manipulation when run on BSDs. See the release notes for more details.
Read the second part of "Rex in practice" series about Test-driven infrastructure.
repositor.io 1.1.0 released. repositor.io is a repository management tool for apt, yum, yast and docker. This is a bugfix release with fixes for ubuntu and centos7 installation media mirroring.
阅读 Andy Beverley 带来的演讲文稿 An introduction to Rex


German Perl Workshop 上做 Infrastructure as Code (ger) 的演讲。


2015-11-30/2015-12-01 (Karlsruhe)


Rex 是一个开源的项目,所以你可以找到社区的支持,连接如下:

  • IRC: #rex on freenode
  • 邮件组: rex-users
  • 问题列表: Github
  • 特性需求: 你需要什么 特性?
  • 商务支持: inovex
  • QQ群: 252744726

Professional support is also available.

Release notes for 1.3.2

This is a bugfix release, upgrade is recommended for all users.

Shortly after releasing 1.3.0, we followed it up with 1.3.1, fixing a Rex::Commands::DB related testing bug, that slipped through our test suite.

During that work we also discovered another bug, that was affecting BSD users since 1.2.1. The solution was to refactor the MD5 checksum calculation method, that is being used during e.g. file change detection.

Among other smaller improvements mentioned below, the fix for this issue is now being released as 1.3.2.

Since we're keen to continuously improve our QA processes, we also added new tests that could catch similar issues in the future, as part of this fix.

Special thanks for stephanj on IRC who helped a lot with testing those changes and suggesting further modifications.


MD5 calculation

We replaced the previous MD5 checksum calculation method basically with perl one-liners. According to our benchmarks this method provides an overall better performance, while remaining OS-agnostic and memory efficient. Since this function is used in many places, we are looking forward to improve it further.

  • Use binmode as a function - Jan
  • Remove md5sum usage - Ferenc Erki
  • Fix for filenames with at sign in them - Ferenc Erki
  • Add test case for filenames with at sign - Ferenc Erki
  • Refactor MD5 checksum calculation (fix #719) - Ferenc Erki
  • Add initial MD5 test - Ferenc Erki


We also decided to include a typo fix to the documentation of this release.

  • Fix LEFT_PRECEDENCE typo - Dmitry Kopytov


Based on the feedback from stephanj via IRC, we improved detection of environment-specific files, and also cleaned up useless which perl calls on Windows, by using the built-on can_run instead. Plus there were some test cleanups.

  • Add missing test names - Ferenc Erki
  • Only display diagnostic message if something went wrong - Ferenc Erki
  • Fix check for environment-specific filenames - Ferenc Erki
  • Use OS-agnostic perl executable detection - Ferenc Erki
  • Fix RC version handling - Ferenc Erki
  • Use raw Rex::Interface::Exec to call can_run - Jan


Rex::Commands::DB test fixes

Now t/db.t should properly skip tests when some prerequisite is missing.

  • Explicitly test for optional dependencies - Ferenc Erki
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